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  1. Mac Rugs My Home

    Each of us has his/her own unique world that we create in imagination and strive to realize it.  This special private world could be achieved by a home that has many advantages and satisfies many needs, and the most important need is comfort, privacy and convenience, which we provide through ideas for designing home furniture starting from the main door to the most private and comfortable corners of the house.

    Let’s set off an exciting journey together, starting by arriving at our home from the outside, we feel our most comfortable steps ever on the door mats, we feel the familiarity with it and that they are an authentic part of our house.  Passing by other carpets, you are greeting your first steps behind the door, and bringing you to the living room ...

    The living room is the place where we spend the most our time, so we should find the strongest, colorful and most beautifully designed carpets, and also it is the easiest to get it cleaned.  After spending t

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  2. Outside Carpets

    At the end of a day full of work, achievement and success you finally need to go home.

    As soon as we arrive, we see a green color that fills your outer space in front of our house, a large flat area of ​​artificial grass.

    Artificial grass embraces our feet and take us from a hard and tough ground on the way to comfort and containment, the green color also reduces the sense of sun glare

    Artificial grass that fills the outdoor space provides many advantages, the most important is that it’s easy to get cleaned because it’s not easy for dirt or dust to stick to its material, in addition it is water resistant and does not cause slipping

    Artificial grass come in a big variety of sizes and it can cover the widest and most varied surfaces

    And after crossing your wide surface of artificial grass, we finally reach the door of our home our desired goal, and there we find the door rug that beautifies out feet and prepare it to a new stage of comfort and con

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