About Mac Carpet



MAC Carpet is a leading carpet manufacturer tufting to more than 119 countries, supplying some of the world’s largest retailers. MAC has a diversified portfolio from wall-to-wall carpeting, to door and kitchen rugs, to rubber backed bathroom mats, to multilevel textured mats for outdoor applications, as well as car mats, children’s rugs and mats and scatter rugs. MAC also manufactures three-dimensional advertising floor panels, runners, and artificial turf for indoor and outdoor applications. In 2017, MAC expanded its portfolio with new digital printing products that are widely appealing in major markets.


Our experience extends to more than 39 years, since 1981 with a capital of one million dollars.

Our threads, machines, and specialists have been producing gently soft millions of square meters along the years, starting in the year 1981, with an annual production of one million square meters with an initial investment of one million dollars, in 2019 Mac is currently producing 60 million square meters in our three massive plants covering 600,000 sq/m².

Since 1981, Mac has been investing in its main pillars; its employees, whether they belong to the white-collar or blue-collar, designers, engineers, managers and factory personnel. Behind our legacy, and attainments stand 5,200 specialists, breaking records has become part of our daily routine, for instance, Mac in 2015 has gained over EGP 1 Billion, and is growing at EGP +2 Billion turnover in 2019.

Exporting to 119 across the different continents in our globe is nothing but wild overweening of pride of what we can contribute to our local economy throughout the years. Positioning Mac as one of Egypt’s top exporting firms comes from exporting a total of 83% of our products to countries overseas.


Sustaining the increasing levels of growth & guaranteeing equitable returns to ensure that all of Mac’s stakeholders are proud and satisfied with our result oriented business model. Mac is driven by demand of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.


At Mac, we always aim big, we see ourselves as the largest, fastest, most reliable, and most environmentally responsible provider of innovative signatures of beauty and comfort to your home’s floors in the world.

2 Billion
60 Million

Orientals Group

The Orientals Group established in 1979, by the leading Egyptian entrepreneur, Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis. The Orientals Group is horizontally diverse, spanning several key industries, providing 26,000+ job opportunities in Egypt, China, and United States of America. The Orientals group consists of 6 companies, with 32 factories, the diverse portfolio consists of investments in textiles; Orientals Weavers, Mac Carpet, EFCO, OW China, and OWA. Horizontal expansion has Orientals Group invested in petrochemicals; Egyptian Propylene & Polypropylene, also invested in the educational field, British University in Egypt, and Shorouk Academy. Moreover, Oriental Groups has its own exoansion in real estate & tourism development; OUD is one of its companies too, along with investments in agriculture and other investments.