In Today’s fast paced world, every aspect of the business world is changing and evolving by the second, keeping up with the market trends is a challenge for every company. At mac we don’t keep up with trends, we set them. As a market leader, competition has always been a driving force for us, but we don’t only compete with other manufacturers, we compete with ourselves. Constantly improving and getting better in what we do is our passion, and time has proven that we are very successful at doing so. In the last few years we achieved a lot. We grew our revenues and profits, expanded to new markets and strengthened our presence in existing ones. Moreover, we broke new grounds in product innovation, distribution, cost effectiveness and manufacturing efficiency. Our employees have always been our key asset. They know quite well that holding a position in such a mountainous entity, is a great honor. Being part of the team that achieves greatness each year, marking it as their benchmark, keeps their engines always running and their minds always on the edge to achieve even more in the following year. Hence, our employees come to work every day to leave a legacy for their children and for their country. Mac’s team has dedicated ample resources and effort to care about the planet we all live on. Implementing sustainability throughout the whole manufacturing process, and the continuous research and innovation to become environment friendly is at the core of what we do. With the never ending evolvement and advancement in the technology world every day, we, at Mac, are keen to acquire state of the art machinery that exists. Our staff and machines, are our most important public/assets today, and that is driving us to always invest in our two main pillars at Mac. Finally, we look at our future with great optimism and enthusiasm, to more opportunities to acquire, and more targets to be achieved, and more greatness to be unveiled throughout the upcoming years.

Mr. Kamal El Raai