Manufacturing Process

Machines serve our purpose

Technology and Manufacturing.

Machines serve our purpose

Wow, is the word our team is working hard to hear. We do not settle for less.

1- Lab Tests

Our highly sophisticated Labs insures the quality of received raw material according to our high standards and also on final product before shipping to our clients. We deal with different types of Yarns including Nylon, Poly Propylene, Blended Wool, Polyester and Micro Fiber.

2- Design

The secret is in the word “Elite”. Our very talented designers developing concepts for designs that takes the breath away adding to our 30,000 designs library 5000 new designs every year. We believe that everyone has the right to be the creator of his own carpet. So if you need to discover your inner creativity, tell us and we will help you putting your thoughts on the carpet with our special request printing service.

3- Sampling

The eye is the Judge. Your requested samples within your hands in two-week sample request and to be confirmed by you in order to produce the final product.

4- Tufting

That is where the magic begins. This stage is the beginning of preparing the carpet face by tufting the pile yarns on the woven or non-woven fabric using the latest machinery and technology. MAC offers its lines in different weights ranging from 200 grams/m2 to 2500 grams/m2.

5- Printing

We are one of the first and the largest carpet producers using digital printing for carpet in the world since year 1992 updating our printing machine to high resolution process colors CMYK printing solutions in year 2017. At this stage, we apply the beauty. We print the confirmed designs on the already tufted fabric adapting the finest technologies that guarantees maximum dye penetration into the highest and most dense piles along with maximum printing resolution using our latest state of the art digital printing machines

6- Backing

We protect your carpet’s back. At this stage, we laminate the back of the tufted/printed fabric to get the final carpet (Face and Back) in jumbo rolls. To comfort your feet, we are using several types of backing woven fabric made of the most comfortable natural and synthetic materials, for the clients and market who like the non-woven in the back of the carpet, we are using blended synthetic fibers non-woven fabric, for the washable and bath mats we are coating the back of our carpets with natural foam rubber, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) & Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR). We use more than 10 different types of backings like Action Bac add Trade mark symbol, Canvas, Cotton Canvas, Gel Foam and non-woven backings, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) & Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR).

7- Confection

Except our wall to wall carpet Rolls are no longer jumbo. At this stage, we cut the rolls into smaller pieces according to requested dimensions then moving on to over edging and corners welding.

8- Carving

Carpet carving is an art that not only cares about pile cutting and making different pile levels, but it is the art of how to get the essence of reality viewed from your carpet in a 3D point of view. Mac Carpet carving men have been granted the title “MASTER CRAFTS MAN” from our customers in the Far East and printed this title on the back label of every Mac carpet they sell.

9- Shipping

Mac Carpet delivers guaranteed quality with the desired quantity to 119 countries all over the world..