We are surrounded with people we love, people we care about. We live in a place we must all care about. EARTH. OUR HOME. That’s our commitment twards you, us and our mother nature. Through our manufacturing process, Mac Carpet puts all the effort in running a sustainable yet profitable business that emphasize our values, achieve our mission and reflect our vision.


MAC aspires to play a prominent role in sustainable business development. Respecting human rights is an integral part of responsible business behavior and builds on our corporate values. MAC aims to fulfill the society s expectations by treating people conscientiously and with dignity. As we incorporate human rights principles into our policies and regulations, we also encourage our business stakeholders to do likewise, recognize and respect human rights.


MAC functions in a highly controlled environment that which incorporates laws and regulations designed to rectify that customers business and operations do not involve unethical activities . MAC Human Rights commitment & ILO impacts and influences all the different internal and external stakeholders.

1- STAFF Members (all workers)

Each staff members is treated with due respect and dignity regardless of religion or color MAC dose not tolerate discrimination or harassment, ensures equal opportunity support diversity and inclusion freedom of speech and expression. Adopting and implementing the Egyptian labor laws , ilo and clients requirement regulation, MAC pledges’ staff and healthy workplace for all staff (workers) supports all our suppliers in our supply chain for it and committee it internal policies and charters reflect MACs pledge to assure civil rights performance An example of publically shared polices and procedures including but not limited; Sustainability policy Statement- Social policy statement –QHSE policy –Anti-corruption policy - transparency and credulity policy

2- Customers

We guarantee our customers aspiration for a healthy safety product: MAC always works to achieve the wishes of our customers at all time from fulfilling our costumer’s hope for product quality and safe healthy product that maintains the health of our customers all over the world where MAC is committed to applying the highest standards of control and tests to ensure that our customers aspiration to produce a healthy security product are burns out by the testimony of the organization Oektex the health and security of products is based on the health of our customers by certifying our products with Oektex100 certification with appenidx6 and compliance with requirements REACH permanently

3- Costumer’s Social requirements

MAC is committed to conforming to the requirements of responsibility, the intentional labor Organization (ILO), and global laws MAC certifying, SA8000, WRAP, amforl BSCI , SEDEX (SMETA) , WCA & Better work

4- Environmental & Energy – water- Waster social requirements

MAC is committed to preserving the climate of types of pollution all kinds use renewable energy to generate energy for plants – rationalization of water consumption to reach zero waste and usually in production processes access zero waste – the use of raw materials recycled in the production our products- developing our products so that they can be recycled and used in another industry MAC certifying ISO5001 , MAD IN GREEN label, GRS & Detox waste water programmer

5- Suppliers

Business suppliers at all levels, including consultants or any service not only comply with the national laws and regulation but also human rights values of MAC suppliers will not be using any labor and child labor and maintains safe working condition for its employees


MAC have IMS as: An integrated management system (IMS) that combines all related components of a business into one system for easier management and operations. Quality ISO9001, Environmental ISO14001, and Safety ISO45001 management systems are often combined and managed as an IMS.

Environmental Management System

ISO14001:2015 cert: MAC comply with Environmental system & certified ISO 14001:2015 cert.

ISO50001:2011 Cert: MAC comply with Energy management system EnMS & certified ISO50001:2011 cert.

Quality Management system (QMS)

ISO9001:2015 MAC uses the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

BRC GLOBAL STANDARD CONSUMER PRODUCTS - ISSUE 4 This Standard was first published in 2003 and since then it has undergone extensive changes to support the needs of the wide-reaching consumer products industry. Along the way it has developed into a robust Standard based on the principles of risk assessment and good manufacturing practice (GMP) to deliver safe, legal products of specified quality to the end Consumer.

Continuous improvement for products & processes MAC is committed to improve our processes & products for approaches as: Focusing on our customer requirements Mac committed to continuously improve manufacturing capabilities and implement latest update of continuous improvement approaches such as but not limited to:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma - DOE(Design of Experiment)
  • QFD (Quality Function Deployment)
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control
  • Process capability

Detox Program

MAC have & implement chemical management system & comply with DETOX Programme Where the wastewater was tested after treatment randomly by accredited laboratories such as Intertek ,SGS, BV and it is compatible with the requirements of the DETOX programme annually.
MAC comply with ZDHC requirement “11MRSL”to be in new year 2020 the first company in the mid east east and MENA comply with it . This mac road map to reach achievement this goal as table.


MAC have Waste Management system for achievement this KPI ”zero waste to land fill” Waste management that includes safe disposal of it in accordance with the Egyptian Environmental Law No. 4 of 1994 and the requirements of customers. MAC also works hard to reduce the amount of solid waste - liquid and recycle it in other industries – and prevent hazardous waste completely through projects such as according to table :-

  • Water treatment
  • Using as a catalyst to generate energy in the ovens
  • Used in the recycling of paper, cartons and packaging materials recycle plastic materials.

Detox Program

MAC have concept in dealing with resources in this way reduce Water , nature gas, erectly according to the table.

Carbon Foot print (CO2)

MAC encourage and commit to save environment and our add value through this equation (save environment = save money with save earth “behaves and does its best to reduce Capron foot print To prevent pollution of the surrounding climate according table .

Consumption of Energy

Mac have a concept about saving energy not saving money only. but also our surrounding society win by reducing CO2 and reduced climate change to our country “EGYPT”. MAC supports projects to reduce energy consumption according to the table , and incubates renewable energy projects in the near future.